Benefits of Membership

Members of the Clumber Spaniel Club receive preferential entry fees for Club events as well as the Club publications which are Clumber Clips, our breed club magazine which is published biannually and the Yearbook which is a biennial publication.

Clumber Clips is published in April and October each year. It contains a wide range of articles designed to appeal to a wide range of Clumber lovers. Recent examples include grooming, reports on Clumber social events, Clumbers appearing on television and a running historical series on a famed breeder with royal connections. Event announcements, samples from the breed archive, obituaries, breed health reports, the club’s own show reports and a sample of news from Overseas are regular features. These magazines are printed in full colour in A5 and we also do an electronic version that can be emailed out to our members who prefer to receive a digital version.

The Yearbook is record of the previous two years’ successes within the breed. It records Kennel Club major wins including challenge certificates and Junior Warrant holders. New champions’ pedigrees are included, trophy winners and reports from the officers of the Club. In a digital age, the Yearbook provides a hard copy record of these Clumber accomplishments. The most appealing section of the Yearbook to many Clumber enthusiasts is the advertisement section; sometimes known as the review pages. Here, members and non-members of the Club are invited to celebrate their Clumber Spaniels in colour printed form. Large photographs accompany text which, though mainly recording exhibition wins, working, breeding, agility or any activity is welcomed. Often a new puppy is announced or a planned upcoming litter. In recent years this section has included a dedicated “In Memoriam” chapter, for those much loved Clumbers sadly lost.

Membership of the Clumber Spaniel Club costs £12/single, £18 /joint or overseas and £5 juniors or gamekeepers.

Membership Application Form (for those who are new/lapsed members)

Note – if you require a Proposer/Seconder, please contact the Secretary at

Membership Renewal Form (for those who are renewing their membership)

Membership applications and renewals should be forwarded to the Membership Co-ordinator:– Mr J Newsham, 61 Churchill Meadow, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2DQ

Membership Payment

It is now possible to make your membership payment by Paypal but please make sure that you set your payment type to ‘Family & Friends’.

If you do not do this we will be in touch to recover the charge that Paypal removes from your payment.

Send your payment to making sure you include your name and address.