Enjoying Hoopers

Hoopers is a fantastic sport for Clumber Spaniels of all ages. All at ground level there is no jumping like in agility, just running (hopefully with direction). Hoopers uses hoops, barrels, large tunnels (Great Danes fit through them) and mats to create low impact, flowing courses that give you and your dog a challenge.

The general idea of Hoopers is for the human to move as little as possible and the dogs to work away at a distance round the course, however, as an all inclusive sport (for both humans & dogs) it is not frowned upon to run with your dog…you just get less points if you are competing.

Hoopers gives all the fun, excitement and skill of agility but with everything being ground level there is not the same worry for bones and joints……making it so much more suitable for a Clumber Spaniel.

Hoopers is a fun sport and as with everything with a Clumber Spaniel you will need a sense of humour to train or compete…they are not known as clowns for nothing.

There are 3 main Hoopers organisations in the UK

Canine Hoopers UK (CHUK)


UK Hoopers