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**2021 Open Show Closing Date for Entries –  Friday 30th July**

The Open Show will stay open for online entries only.

The new closing date is Friday 30th July – visit www.haveadogday.co.uk to enter.

2020 CSC Championship Show – 23rd September 2021

The committee is pleased to announce that Mr Russell Mosedale has been approved by the Kennel Club as our replacement judge for our 2020 Championship Show being held on 23rd September in partnership with The National Dog Show

2021 Open Show, 2020 AGM & 2021 AGM – NEW DATE – 15th August 2021

We have now received confirmation from the Kennel Club that all is in order to run our 2021 Open Show and AGMs on 15th August 2021. Fortunately our judge, James Taylor and Countesthorpe Village Hall are also both available on that date.

We will send out a mailing to all members to ensure that everyone, especially those who do not use social media, are aware of the new date and hope that  everyone who has already sent in an entry will be able to transfer to the new date.

International Clumber Spaniel Seminar – 30th May 2021

The Clumber Spaniel Club would like to thank the Swedish Clumber Spaniel Club for all the hard work they put into organising the 12th International Seminar held on-line on 30th May 2021. The presentations were interesting and informative and it was a wonderful opportunity to listen to and discuss the views of Clumber Spaniel enthusiasts from so many different countries.

PRA Screening Project

Here is information about a new health initiative being run by the Clumber Spaniel Club which is a screening project into the prevalence of PRA in UK Clumbers. Full details of the project can be seen here – Screening Project into PRA.

Application form here – PRA Test Application


Clumber Spaniel Club AGM 2020 & 2021

We will be holding our 2020 AGM and 2021 AGM following on from our Open Show on 4th July 2021. The Kennel Club have given clear and precise guidelines about the process to be followed in holding the postponed 2020 AGM and the committee will be adhering to these.
The agenda for the 2020 AGM cannot be changed and most of the items on this agenda are historical now and so there will not be the usual range of discussion opportunity for members. However, all items on the 2021 agenda will be open for the usual full and frank discussions for all members and we hope that many members will attend the AGM to share in this opportunity to evaluate the past year and join us in looking forward to an exciting year ahead.
Here is a link to the notification for the 2021 AGM –AGM Notice 2021

Clumber Spaniel Club Spring Mailing

All members should now have received their Spring mailing either by post or electronically depending on your registered preference. If you have not received your documents then please contact the Acting Secretary secretary@clumberspanielclub.org.uk




Following the announcement in July 2020 of the closure of the Animal Health Trust, The Kennel Club is delighted to confirm that The Kennel Club Canine Genetics Centre will officially re-open and be located at the University of Cambridge. Here, the centre’s vital research into dog genetics and inherited canine conditions can continue. 

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has funded the centre since its initial launch at the Animal Health Trust in 2009. The new centre will continue to be led by Dr Cathryn Mellersh, and will resume its mission to research genetic mutations and assist in developing breeding tools for some of the most common and debilitating inherited conditions in dogs. The Kennel Club and the canine genetics team will work together to ensure that the centre’s research targets conditions that have the greatest impact on the health of dogs. The Kennel Club’s breed health and conservation plans, a project that gathers all available health information and data about each breed, will play a vital role in guiding the centre’s objectives and areas of research. 

During its time at the Animal Health Trust, The Kennel Club Canine Genetics Centre had a significant impact on the health of numerous breeds. Researchers at the centre developed 25 different DNA tests for canine inherited diseases that affect over 50 breeds. Research into the impact of some of these tests revealed that over a ten year period, thanks to uptake of these tests by responsible breeders, the frequency of disease-causing genetic variants in some breeds reduced by a staggering 90%. Close collaboration with breed clubs and breeders is essential to the success of the centre, as is the collection of over 40,000 DNA samples that has been developed over the last twenty years. These samples, along with valuable scientific and DNA sequence data have now been secured and transferred to the University of Cambridge for further analysis.

Bill King, Chairman of The Kennel Club Charitable Trust, said: “The Kennel Club Genetics Centre has made an enormous positive impact on the health of dogs whilst under the auspices of the Animal Health Trust, the closure of which we were saddened and concerned to learn of last year.

“We’re now thrilled that the centre has found a home in such a reputable and prestigious research institute, and we’re very much looking forward to collaborating with the centre once more.”

Dr Cathryn Mellersh, head of The Kennel Club Genetics Centre added: “The last ten years have been incredibly important to dog health and, thanks to the University of Cambridge, especially Professor James Wood, Head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge Vet School, for all his assistance in safeguarding our resources and The Kennel Club Charitable Trust, this work can now continue. Our work to support breeders in reducing health problems in dogs is essential and we are eager to continue this important work and are thankful to everyone for their support.”

Professor James Wood said: “We are delighted that the important work by Cathryn and her team, funded by The Kennel Club Charitable Trust can now continue through The Kennel Club’s Canine Genetics Centre at Cambridge Vet School. We look forward to working together for the health and welfare of our much loved dogs.”

Further information regarding The Kennel Club’s extensive work in the field of canine health and research can be found on The Kennel Club website at www.thekennelclub.org.uk/health.