Benefits of Membership

The Clumber Spaniel Club welcomes new members. Members will receive a Yearbook, two newsletters each year and a preferential entry fee for Club events.

Membership of the Clumber Spaniel Club costs £12/single, £18 /joint or overseas and £5 juniors or gamekeepers.

Membership Application Form (for those who are new/lapsed members)

Note – if you require a Proposer/Seconder, please contact the Honorary Secretary at

Membership Renewal Form (for those who are renewing their membership)

Membership applications and renewals should be forwarded to the Membership Co-ordinator:– Mrs J Pickering 2, Popplewell Terrace, Preston Village, North Shields, Tyne & Wear NE29 9LD

Membership payments are now possible by Paypal renewals. Either send your payment to and include your name and address or follow this link.